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If you have a car wreck, you likely have car insurance to help you pay for some of the damage that you might sustain to your car, yourself or other people. Business insurance works in much the same way. The right commercial coverage will help fund your company's recovery in the event of accidents or damage.

Within your business insurance portfolio, you'll have the opportunity to buy multiple types of coverage. Each will insure different assets from different types risk factors.

Property Insurance

Property coverage will pay for damage or destruction of physical assets owned by the business. It will pay for a variety of damage from accidents like fires, theft, storms and vandalism events.

  • Property Insurance: If damage occurs to your building, this coverage can pay for repairs.
  • Business Possessions Insurance: This coverage pays for damaged business property, such as furnishings, inventory, products, personal property and related materials.
  • Inland Marine Insurance: If you transport expensive business equipment or materials overland, you will need this coverage to insure them in case damage occurs.
  • Equipment Breakdown Insurance: Should essential systems — such as HVAC systems — break down, then this coverage will help you pay to repair or replace the items.
  • Business Income Replacement: Following damage in the business, you might lose your ability to bring in money, but some ongoing costs might not go away in the meantime. This coverage can help you recover income lost as a result of a temporary business closure.

Liability Insurance

This is also called at-fault insurance, because it helps you pay for damage you cause to other parties.

  • General Liability Insurance: These policies will pay for bodily injuries or property damage you accidentally cause to others. Coverage can also pay your legal expenses in case lawsuits arise.
  • Personal Liability Insurance: If your business faces accusations of libel, slander, copyright infringement or related claims, this coverage can pay settlement costs.
  • EPLI Insurance: Short for Employment Practices Liability coverage, this coverage pays in cases where employees allege misconduct in the employment process, such as wrongful termination.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you own a vehicle for commercial use, or drive your personal car on business, you might need commercial auto insurance. The coverage will include specially-tailored coverage limits for the losses that might impact the vehicle, the driver and other parties on the road. Policies will usually include liability, collision, comprehensive and additional protection.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Should employees get hurt or sick on the job, they might have to stop working, at least temporarily. State laws might therefore require the business to offer the employee workers compensation coverage. This will help pay for this person's recovery, and supply a supplementary income during their time off.

What Types Of Coverage Do I Need?

All Florida Insurance strives to help you cut through the jargon of business insurance. We will help you determine the coverage that you must have, and help you add more protection to your portfolio.

Often, you can get your coverage through either a business owners policy (a BOP) or a commercial package policy (a CPP). These are policy packages that allow business owners to purchase multiple types of coverage in one place. Each will offer price convenience and an ease of getting crucial coverage.

What Business Insurance Is Required By Law?

Various laws require certain businesses to carry certain types of insurance. For example, most businesses with employees have to carry workers compensation insurance. Other requirements might vary by industry and locational risks.

Business Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

What does business insurance cost?

The cost of your coverage is dependent on numerous risk factors — such as your location, your net worth, your industry and more. We’ll make sure you always get enough protection for a fair price.

Can you pay business insurance monthly?

Yes, you can pay your premiums monthly. However, some insurers offer their customers policy savings if they pay for their coverage up-front and in-full.

Are business insurance premiums tax deductible?

In many cases, you can deduct your insurance premiums as a necessary business expense. Speak to your tax agent about your eligibility for this rule.

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